Dear mother,
It has been a pleasure, absolute pleasure to have you as a mother. You are sweet,kind,beautiful and caring.
But mother,why do you still think I’m a child. It’s probably because I turned sixteen last week and you didn’t know. Well, that’s not why I’m writing this letter.

I told you that letting uncle Josh stay with us was a terrible idea. The way he looked at me was odd,not the way an uncle should look at his niece. I told you but you said,”people look at people.”
Well,he looked at me until the week you travelled for a business trip. He raped me three times that week, feels good to know right? I told you I didn’t want to go with him for the holidays but he convinced you. When I tried to tell you,you said,”you are just a kid and you need to learn to like your uncle.”
Well,he liked me more and more every night that holiday and he taught his friend how to like me too.

I tried to get used to it but I just couldn’t. It felt as if there was a rock in my chest and everytime I tried to spit it out I ended up retching and retching till my head began to pound and my throat began to hurt,then I’d lay down and let my soul grief in silence.
Luckily for me,I met a group of people. The set of friends that understood me best,they never judged me. They said life was cruel and the struggle was to survive. Tony gave me a tablet that took me to heaven, heaven on earth. And now,I go to heaven a thousand times a day! But when I’m back to earth,I still retch and retch.
Mother,I feel dirty. The kind that soap and water can’t rid my soul of and I can’t put up with it any longer. I tried to kill uncle Josh once,he was so lucky. But if I can’t get him away from me, shouldn’t I go away from him?
Have a good life mother and don’t stop pursuing your dreams!

Your daughter on her way to heaven,

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